Meet the Artist


Desiree R Luedecke, the artist behind the Boheme Me brand, says that much of her artistic inspiration comes from her deep connection to nature. Her work is focused on not only her personal relationship with nature but the wild relationship each of us unequivocally shares with our environments. Through viewing her works, one can see that Nature has truly chosen Luedecke to be its mouthpiece, rather than she making the simple choice to be inspired by it. The common themes of earthy elements and colors inspired by the natural cycles of life, death, and rebirth, as well as the other animals that share this earth with us are all present in Luedecke's work. Whether it be a digital collage, handmade jewelry, home decor or reimagined fashion, whoever comes in contact with Luedecke's work comes in direct contact with her soul and energy. In fact, each piece is imbued with an energy that will call out to whomever it is intended for, whether it be simply as a viewer or as the proud new owner of the work. 

The artist lives and works just on the outskirts of Central Florida where she enjoys time with her husband, dog, cat, and a nearby river where she finds clarity for her work. 

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The artist is proud to offer the following additional services:

  • Photography

  • Styling and Design

  • Photo Editing and Graphic Design

  • Social Media Startup and Maintenance

  • Content Creation for Social Media


If you have an idea for a custom art piece, if you would like to commission the artist for a project, or if you are a small business, brand or company looking to partner with Boheme Me in a paid or trade collaboration, please send an email to or visit our contact page.

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